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Project Management Applications Support

The following services are for developers of project management applications including scheduling, resource management, cost management, risk analysis, brainstorming and project management support applications.  Users seeking support for PM applications they have, or are considering, click here.

A Technical Pathways' study found that only 2% of a major
PM application's registered users still used the product
after three months.  Their most common concern
being that the product "Was more trouble than it was worth."

Are project management applications more trouble than they are worth?  Two percentage points of registered product's users is not a ringing endorsement.  Too many PM applications have increased thier features at the expense of usability.  PM applications with counter-intuitive user interfaces, arcane warning messages, poorly chosen defaults, and usability that make sense to software engineers, though not necessarily to Joe the Project Manager, continue to drive the market.  Not coincidently, it is ease of use that is driving CRM (customer records management) to encroach on traditional project management applications. 

Fortunately for developers, usability is something that can be improved through features like a product's "Help", on-line tutorials, projects templates, proactive libraries, wizards, tips, streamlined menus, product-generated messanges that make sense(!), and re planning based on previously planned projects.  It isn't how many customers a project management application accumulates, it's about how many it keeps.

Project Management Applications Support

Content Development

Features, Templares, Libraries, Editing

Product Testing

Performance, usability, interfaces, I/O, functionality

Product Development

Content, features, capabilities, look & feel

Customer Research

User surveys, user testing, product positioning

Performance Analysis

Robustness, responsiveness, functionality

UI Optimization

Menu streamlining, GUIs, reporting, error handling

Training Support

Tutorials, training courses, workshops, Webinars

Development Support

PM algorithms, process analysis, quality assurance

Support Tools

Tips, templates, advisors, wizards

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