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Support for Project Management Applications Users

The following project management software support services are for users of project management and CRM applications.  The primary purpose of this service is to integrate any PM or CRM application, including MS Project, into an organization's project management workflow.  Support for PM and CRM applications developers can be found here.

"We optimistically expected [our PM application] to manage
our projects, but after we installed the software, we
realized that it was just one project management tool
among many, some of which we needed.  We also
realized that we had to learn more about project
management itself to get the most from our PM tools"
- Used with permission.  Name withheld by request.

This service can include training in project management, project scheduling or the project management application itself, though the main focus is for groups, departments or organizations who plan to use networks or multiple site licenses for PM and CRM software. 

Product Analysis

Determine which PM software application is best for the organization's projects.

Template Development

Build planning templates for groups of similar projects.


Modify libraries, headers, "Help" and other software features to fit the organization.

Best Practices

Establish policies and procedures for optimizing the flow of projects through the organization.

Training Support

Provide training on project management and software applications.  Consultant, in-house or video-based.

Open Systems

Open data transfer between applications and provide seamless updating between integrated applications.

Change Management

Address the "culture shock" that occurs when introducing new applications.

See the Project Scheduling Workshop for scheduling and software training or Project Mentoring for individuals or project teams.

For additional information, see the Tip Sheets for project scheduling,
beginning with
How to Schedule Any Project and Project Management Software.

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