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Six characteristics of public sector PM

Project Insight offers one of the more powerful and scalable online PM applications.  This collaborative, team-minded application owes its strength into a clean, intuitive user interface that provides project scheduling, team productivity, and advanced features for those who are new to the product to grow into.

There are four main parts to the program: My Work, Folders, Administration and Invoices.  The "My Work" section is further divided into Tasks, Projects, Issues, Approvals and To Dos as pictured at the right.  "Tasks" carry the usual information like the task name, start date, duration and connections between tasks as well as features like percent complete, resource assignments, and cost tracking for advanced users.

The "Projects" section information is an inventory of projects with information such ad project titles, managers and start/end dates as one would expect of a project list.  Optional project information includes project justification criteria and a scorecard that rates the project's contribution to the organization, both of which aid in establishing project priorities.

The "Issues" section tracks risks, contingency plans, software bugs, vendor problems and matters essential to project progress that may or may not to relate to specific tasks on the schedule.  The "Approvals" section provides for decision tracking, where To-Dos" handle reminders, loose ends and new ideas.

The "Folders" and "Invoices" sections are, as their names imply, for keeping track of project documents and invoices, which carries the added benefit of document management within Project Insight. "Administration" is for to managing security and global settings like the organization's work calendar. 

There's a certain sense of completeness about Project Insight because it allows its users to go beyond the minimal task, time, and resource management and allow for one to find his or her own level with advanced features such as project justification, document version control, change management, decision expediting, project health tracking (EVM), and importing from or exporting to MS Project and Outlook. 

[Project Insight's] developers have done their homework
so users can get on with managing their projects instead of climbing
learning curves or struggling with a PM application that "thinks" more
like an applications developer than a project manager.

Project Insight is nothing if not user-friendly.  Below is a task summary.  What could be more straightforward?  It's a good sign when anyone can look at something like this and understand it immediately thanks to an uncluttered layout and boundaries on essential information.

Project Insight offers the basic features that an individual or an organization needs to get organized, and the advanced features needed to remain organized, project after project.  Features, however, are only attractive to users who understand them and this is the job of the user interface.  Click on any part of the feature menu on the right side of these Project Insight
demo pages .  Every screen shot is intuitively obvious.  The developers have done their homework so Project Insight's users can get on with managing their projects instead of climbing learning curves or struggling with a PM application that "thinks" more like an applications developer than a project manager.

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