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A Bridge to Enterprise Project Management, Part 1


Multiple Projects Workshop

" Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment.
It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric."
-- Philip Crosby, Reflections on Quality


The Multiple Projects Workshop combines seminar learning with the hands-on experience.  Participants organize their project inventories, prioritize projects, identify cross-project relationships, identify resources, build planning templates, analyze processes, establish intermediate deliverables and, optionally, develop work breakdown structures (WBS), decision tables and apply software including Outlook, Excel, MS Project and Project KickStart.


            • Improve organization and consistency
            • Build on best practices
            • Improve forecasts of time, resources and costs
            • Select course topics based on the organization's needs
            • Includes notes, worksheets, forms and templates
            • Fast-paced, high-content presentation
            • Include earned value management (EVM)
            • Include existing methods in the workshop
            • Save on project development time & costs
            • Build teamwork and leadership

Multiple Projects Workshop Topics

  • Managing Multiple Projects
    • Terms and Concepts
    • Organizing Multiple Projects
  • The Project-Driven Organization
    • Project and Organizational Objectives
    • Project-Leadership
    • Chartering Project Teams
    • Project-Based Career Paths
  • Build the Project Inventory
    • Programs and Projects
    • Project Plans and Specifications
    • Time and Resources
    • Cost Management (optional)
    • Project Priorities
    • Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability
    • Project Phases, Deliverables and Gateways
    • Work Breakdown Structures (optional)
    • Decision Making
  • Strengthen Your Project Management Tool-Kit
    • Optimizing Project Returns
    • Managing Risk and Planning Contingencies
    • Working with Interdependent Project Schedules
    • Establishing Roles and Responsibilities
    • Balancing Resource Workloads
    • Budgeting Expenses (optional)
    • Tracking Time and Costs
    • Justifying New Projects
    • Building Systems and Procedures
    • Tracking Time
    • Tracking Project Costs (optional)
    • Reporting Project Status
    • Managing Change Control Systems
    • Understanding Roles of Software Applications
    • Using PM software applications (optional)
  • Managing Multiple Projects Review
    • Steps to Success

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