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A Bridge to Enterprise Project Management, Part 1


Cost Control and Earned Value Management (EVM)

"The first ninety percent of the task takes ninety percent of the time,
and the last ten percent takes the other ninety percent."
-- Arthur Bloch, "Murphy's Law,"

The Cost and EVM seminar describes a range of project cost management techniques including project budgeting, variance analysis and earned value analysis (cost tracking plus time and cost to completion.  Additional information includes costs associated with risks and recovery strategies, project cost justification, cost reporting, and cost issues with fast-track projects.


        • A complete perspective on project cost management
        • Budget, track and analyze project costs
        • Apply cost management in the workshop
        • Course notes, templates and cost management reports included
        • Use EVM to forecast time and cost to complete
        • Add organization-specific project financial support systems
        • Rapid paced, high content presentation

    Cost Control and Earned Value Management Topics

        • Cost Management Overview
          What's Is Cost Management, How EVM Works
        • Justification for Project Costs
          Financial Analysis, Breakevens, Revenue Streams, Cost Savings, and Intangible Costs
        • Project Forecasting and Budgeting
          Forecasting and
          Budgeting by Tasks Instead of Line Items.
        • Job Costing
          Jobs within Projects, Tying Costs to Time
        • Cost Tracking
          Variance Analysis, Earned Value Management (EVM), Time and Cost to Completion
        • Cost Control
          Case Studies in Cost Analysis
        • Cost Reporting
          Samples and Case Studies in Cost Reporting
        • Cost Data Management
          Prioritization, "What If" Schedules, Problem Solving Case Studies
        • "Cost and Earned Value Management" Summary

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