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Project Management Workshop

"Plans are only good intentions unless they
immediately degenerate into hard work."
 -- Peter Drucker

The Project Management Workshop provides a one-day overview of how project management increases productivity through better management of project scope, schedules, resources, deliverables, communications, teamwork and management without line authority. 

This combines the best of a project management course and a workshop, participants develop project objectives, a schedule, resource assignments, risk assessments and skills for management without line authority, all within the contexts of their own projects.  The Project Management Workshop allows participants to build their own strategic project plans as they learn and is often presented with the
Project Scheduling Workshop.

          • Build project management skills
          • Add to best practices
          • Forecast of time and resource requirements
          • Includes notes, worksheets, forms and templates
          • Fast-paced, high-content presentation
          • Include existing PM methods in the workshop
          • Increase project productivity
          • Build teamwork and leadership
          • Customize the workshop to include organization-specific PM
          • Establish project scope, objectives and measures of success
          • Define team roles and relationships
          • Fast paced, high content presentation
          • Develop risk assessments and contingency plans
          • Schedule phases, deliverables, tasks, time and resources
          • Upgrade communication and cooperation

Project Management Workshop Topics

          • Project Management Overview
            Building a Project Management Foundation, Role of Project Management
          • Defining the Project
            Project Title, Description, Goal Statement, Scope
          • Criteria for Success
            Project Objectives and Measures of Achievement
          • Fundamentals of Scheduling
            Phases, Milestones and Deliverables
          • Estimate Time and Resource Requirements
            Tasks, Time, Resources and the Critical Path
          • Project Team Building
            Authority, Responsibility, Accountability, and Decision Making
          • Keeping Projects on Track
            Project Tracking, Variance Analysis, Change Control
          • Keeping People on Track
            Assertiveness Skills, Managing without Line Authority, Negotiating Skills
          • Recovering from Setbacks
            Risk Assessment, Contingency Planning and Managing Conflict
          • Managing Multiple Projects
            Project Inventories, Task Interdependencies and Pooled Resources

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