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A Bridge to Enterprise Project Management, Part 1


Project Management Training

Based on the Action Project Management Courses.

  • Multiple Projects Workshop
    Learn how to develop and manage a project inventory, establish priorities, track phases and deliverables, assign roles and responsibilities, use work breakdown structures (WBS) and manage contracts and project teams.  Participants apply these concepts to their own projects during the workshop.  Samples included.
  • Cost Control and Earned Value Management
    Track cost and schedule variances and forecast time and cost to complete at any point in the project.  Unite EVM with estimating, budgeting, change management, contingency planning and overall cost management. 
  • Project Kickoff Workshop
    This facilitated workshop is ideal for launching a new project. Unify the project team's vision of scope, goals, milestones, deliverables, schedules, resources, risks, contingency plans, and strategies with this facilitated, interactive planning session and the comprehensive project plan developed during the workshop.
  • Project Management Workshop
    This project management overview teaches statements of work, project objectives, milestones, deliverables, resource allocation, risk management, contingency planning, project tracking and strategies for successful project management.  Participants develop project plans for their own projects.  Includes sample project plans, forms and reports.
  • Project Scheduling Workshop
    Learn how to schedule tasks, time and resources with or without applications software such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, MS Project, Project KickStart or any PM application.  Develop schedules during the workshop.  Produce project reports in seconds.  Sample schedules and reports included.  Project scheduling software optional.

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