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Project Management Presentations

Technical Pathways offers a range of project management topics that are topical, informed and engaging.  

    • Management Roundtables
      Roundtables provide excellent vehicles for sharing insights among diverse groups.  Venture capital organizations, for example, call roundtables to raise management awareness among entrepreneurs; nonprofits use roundtables to build common visions in their organizations and with their partners.
    • Management Retreats
      The greater the distance, the better the perspective as is the case with management retreats.  Here, a neutral participant or facilitator can bring out the best in an organization's self-evaluation and provide insights based on best practices unbiased by any personal stake in the issues.
    • Television, Radio and Webcasts
      Two notable advantages of broadcasting and webcasting are the ability to reach geographically separated audiences and to archive the presentation.  A presenter with television, radio and webcast experience will knows how to engage an unseen audience with preparation, foreshadowing, pacing, summarization cogent examples and anecdotes. 
    • Professional Associations and Conferences
      Professional associations and conferences, including those listed next, are the primary users of these presentation services.

Technical Pathways' presentations have aired over C-Net radio, satellite television and via webcasts from conferences and professional meetings.  Presentations and roundtables have been given at the Project Management Institute, American Public Works Association, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, American Production and Inventory Control Society, Institute for Supply Management, Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation and the American Marketing Association.

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