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A Bridge to Enterprise Project Management, Part 1


Project Scheduling Workshop

"Organizing is what you do before you do something,
so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up."
- A. A. Milne (Winnie-the Pooh)

The Project Scheduling Workshop teaches the "how to" of scheduling tasks, time and resources.  This one-day seminar/workshop includes time for participants to apply what they learn by scheduling their own projects.  This can be done on forms that are provided or by using any scheduling-friendly application including calendar management programs like MS Outlook, spreadsheets like MS Excel, and scheduling applications including MS Project or Project KickStart. 

This project Scheduling Workshop also includes practical examples for using schedules for project analysis, tracking and reporting.  This workshop offers as much about why to schedule as how to schedule.

          • Organize tasks, time and resources
          • Schedule the organization's projects 
          • Develop scheduling templates
          • Estimate time and resource requirements
          • Allocate resources among multiple projects
          • Use schedules for project tracking
          • Course notes, templates and sample schedules
            and sample reports included
          • * Automate project schedules
          • Add advanced one-day workshops on cost management, project management or managing multiple projects

* Requires a computer learning center or laptops equipped with the application of choice.

Project Scheduling Workshop Topics

          • Project Scheduling Overview
            Scheduling and Project Management
          • Schedule Setup
            Phases, Milestones and Deliverables
          • Schedule Task Analysis
            Defining Tasks, Building Task Lists
          • Estimating Time
            Allocating Time to Tasks, Linking Tasks
          • Allocating Resources
            Assign Personnel to Tasks, Using Non-Personnel Resources
          • Developing Flexible Schedules
            Float, Lead/Lag Time, Restraint Tasks, Contingency Schedules
          • Schedule Reporting
            Schedule Information Management, Gantt, CPM/PERT, Reporting
          • Recovering from Setbacks
            Prioritization, "What If" Schedules, Problem Solving Case Studies
          • Advanced Scheduling Overview
            Work Breakdowns, Cost Management, Subprojects, Schedule Interdependencies

Follow this link to the PM Tip Sheet on How to Schedule Any Project.  Find a video overview of the course in the context of Project KickStart in these five Technical Pathways-produced scheduling videos in which the first provides the overview while the second through fifth provide additional information.

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